Friday, August 10, 2012

Big Brother Recap: Episode 13

Eviction and a New HoH

It’s eviction night! Janelle and Frank are on the block and the house seems to be targeting Janelle. Tonight we’ll see who goes home and who wins the next head of household.

Julie Chen reminds us of the goings on in the house, she explains that “Tonight marks the first eviction since the game was reset.” Who’s going home is it Frank, son of a professional wrestler, or will it be Janelle, the stay at home mom from Minnesota?

We start with a clip of the veto ceremony from last episode and then we are shown Janelle’s diary room reaction, “I‘m extremely shocked that Danielle put me on the block. I mean, she wasn’t even on my radar and now she definitely is.”

Wil, Janelle’s former player (and someone she refused to throw under the bus), is so happy that Janelle has been put on the block that he sings in the diary room. I am really starting to hate this guy more than Shane and I didn’t think I could hate someone more than Shane.

Then, finally, we get some insight into Danielle’s thought process, “The plan is to backdoor Janelle and leave Frank on the block. One, because she hates Frank and it’s kind of funny them sitting by each other. And two, I don’t want it obvious that Frank and I are working together.” Wow, that’s a lot more complicated than just, I wanted her out and that was my best move.

In order to figure out what’s going on for herself Janelle goes to talk to Danielle. Danielle blames the backdoor nomination on people telling her that “Janelle is coming after you.” Janelle can’t believe that Dan would let Danielle nominate her, to which Danielle says “I haven’t talked to Dan today” as to not throw her former coach under the bus. Danielle continues by saying “You will probably stay over Frank, anyways.” That statement has to be comforting to Janelle, right?

Dan and Janelle talk in the storage room. Janelle is trying to figure out how much Dan knows and whether she has the votes to stay this week. Dan plays dumb; he pretends that he knew nothing even blaming Danielle’s decision on “girl instincts” and “girl problems.” Dan is always saying the right things.

Janelle goes to work trying to get votes. She talks to Wil and to Joe, they both tell her that she has their votes. Wil, the liar, even tells Janelle that she has Ashley’s vote. Janelle is now under the impression that she has four votes to keep her in the game. Just to be sure she has a talk with Britney in the arcade room. Britney lies to her face, she tells her that there has been no talk from Danielle to get her out and that she will vote to evict Frank this week.

The discussion between Janelle and Britney send Brit upstairs to the rest of the DDBS (Dan, Danielle, Britney and Shane) to ask them why they are voting out Janelle again. Shane says “She’s been saying shit about everyone in this house.” Danielle agrees and throws out her own opinion, “When she doesn’t need you she avoids you and treats you like crap.” (Holy, is it bash Janelle day or something?)

J-Chen is back letting us know the eviction is coming and instead of teasing a piece from the families of the two nominated houseguests, we are teased with the prospect of hearing Ian and Ashley’s Moms talk about the “real life Big Bang twosome.” (As much is that is an ok comparison I think an even better one would be Dharma and Greg. Think about it.)

The CHENBOT is back from commercial and she’s talking to the houseguests. Her first question is to Frank “Can I get a cheer.” He does not disappoint. Julie moves to Boogie and asks him how he feels, “I’m feeling a little better” Well you should be Boogie you are safe tonight.

We get to meet Ashley and Ian’s Mothers, here a few quick points from their interviews.

Sharon (Ian’s Mom)

·         Ian could read at two years old, at three he knew the movements of all the planets and he could identify all the flags of the world. (What? This dude is way smarter than I thought.)
·         “Ian has never had a very serious girlfriend.”
·         “He does want a good looking girl with brains.”
·         “They are the true life Leonard and Penny from Big Bang Theory.”

Barbara (Ashley’s Mom)

·         “My daughter really isn’t as ditzy as everyone thinks she is.” (Oh really?)
·         “Ashley likes good looking hunks but they don’t treat her the way Ian would treat her.”

Julie is back and she gives the nominated houseguests to plead their case before the eviction ceremony. Frank has a very friendly speech that he caps by repeating “Keep it classy” like eight times. Julie says what everyone is thinking “You sound like Ron Burgundy.” Julie Chen always knows the perfect thing to say. Janelle stands up and says “This has been such an amazing summer and I love all of you, and I just want to say if I can help your game out in anyway, please vote to keep me in the house. And if you can’t vote to keep me no hard feelings, I understand.” Janelle is acting really mature after being blindsided by the nomination.

When it came time to vote to evict one house guest only Joe voted to evict Frank, which means not only did Wil betray Janelle but Ashley also decided to change her vote. Janelle hugs everyone and “keeps it classy” as she walks out of the Big Brother house.

Janelle tells Julie “I think everyone wanted to backdoor me” in her farewell interview. Julie asks her if she takes it as a compliment and with the smile of a little school girl she says “Ya I do.” (J) Then Julie asks why Frank was Janelle’s target this season, “Just because I can tell by talking to him how strong of a player he is. I was scared of him.” Janelle also sheds some light on why she wouldn’t put up one of her players to go home when Mike Boogie suggested it saying “I didn’t want to throw Wil and Joe under the bus. Then like have that information be in the house, hat I would be willing to get rid of them.”  We finish the interview as always with messages from the houseguests.

Dan – “Janelle it wasn’t supposed to work out like this. After you wouldn’t sacrifice Joe an alliance of six was made for the sole reason to backdoor you and there was nothing I could do at that time. I wish you Violet and your husband the best luck in Minnesota and I’ll see you on the outside.”

Britney – “Janelle, I’m actually really, really sad that you’re leaving. I am sorry that I had to be a part of this whole plan to evict you this week. I think you’re a really great person. I’m definitely gonna miss you.”

Joe (Yelling) – “Right now, I’m absolutely distraught. If it’s within my power, I promise you Janelle, I will avenge this eviction.”

Mike Boogie – “Oh Janey, don’t be mad at the people who voted you out, this one was all me, so for the third time, always the bridesmaid and never the Big Brother bride, buh bye Janelle.” (Janelle said to that “He’s such a loser” and “What a douche bag.”)

The HoH competition is a game where the contestants face each other one on one. They will be played a song and have to choose whether the song is about a previous Veto, HoH, or coaches competition. The first player to choose correctly wins the round and chooses the next to people to play. If you are the first one to answer but your answer is wrong you are eliminated from the game and your opponent moves on and chooses the next two participants. The last player standing wins the HoH.

Here are the foot notes for the HoH competition:

·         Wil beats Jenn
·         Boogie beats Joe
·         Ashley beats Wil
·         Britney beats Shane
·         Ian beats Ashley
·         Britney beats Dan
·         Boogie loses to Frank
·         Britney beats Ian
·         Frank beats Britney

After a week of being on the block, and even targeted at the start of the week, Frank is new HoH. Boogie and Frank celebrate; even Ian gets in on the fun getting carried around by Frank.

What will Frank do with the nominations? And will he stick to his plan before of nominating two coaches? We will have to wait until Sunday to see. All I know is I’m excited for another week of Chill Town.

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