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Big Brother Recap: Episode 18

Aggressive Moves:  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Shane and the Quack pack have the power, and last we saw Shane decided it was time to blow up the Silent Six. Shane nominated Mike Boogie and Frank on Sunday’s episode and the plan is to eliminate Frank. The only problem with the Quack Pack’s plan is that Frank seems to win competitions whenever he wants and there have been some twist’s this year that make you wonder if Boogie and Frank are “meant” to stay in the game long term.

Episode 18 starts off with Shane explaining his nominations, “So I heard Frank and Boogie were coming after me and my alliance, you know, I got to strike while the Iron’s hot. I got to be the first one to make the first move.”  (How many first moves can be made?)

Ian gives his two cents about the nominations, “That nomination ceremony went smooth like butter, the exact two right people went up, and hopefully they’ll never find out that I had anything to do with it.”

Frank and Boogie meet in the back bedroom and start to rile each other up. They start talking about who it was that git Shane to nominate them, because Shane wouldn’t have made this choice on his own. Boogie and Frank are so pissed and spit balling ideas when Boogie says “I’ll blow the whole thing up, ‘cause now it’s over.” (Is Boogie giving up?) They aren’t going to “sit and dwell” they decide to g have a talk with Shane.

In the HoH room Shane explains to Boogie and Frank why he put them up on the block, “I heard from more than one... more than one person that my name came up.” Boogie and Frank don’t know what he’s talking about (well Boogie does, he asked Ian if Ian would put up Shane or Britney next week). Shane keeps trying to explain “My [nomination ceremony] speech was not made up, I switched my decision pretty much last minute.” What is Shane talking about? I remember Shane’s speech he says something about prizes, twists, and clues. He apologized to them a bunch of times and said it wasn’t personal. He was also generous enough to let them know he gave them a chance and veto, but I don’t remember any part of the speech where he changed his mind or said anything like that.

Shane makes another zig zag in his explanations as to why he nominated them, “I’m being influenced by, obviously, a lot of people and if I hear a certain thing, yes I probably should have came to you guys.” Mike Boogie cuts him off and asks him who influenced his decision. He asks if it was someone inside or outside of the Silent Six and Shane immediately says “It was Joe.” Frank and Boogie start laughing and can’t believe what Shane is saying. Frank calls him out saying that he knows it wasn’t Joe and that he knows Dan and Brit probably got in his ear. Shane ultimately cracks and says that it was Britney that influenced his decision and blames her for everything.

As soon as Boogie and Frank leave Shane wants to make sure Britney doesn’t hear about what he just did from anyone but him. He tells her what he told Frank and Boogie and she is, rightly, very upset with Shane saying, “It upsets me that it’s been deflected to me and now I’m like the huge target.” She rushes downstairs to talk to Frank and Boogie but they don’t want to hear it. Boogie interrupts her with a whole bunch of Boogie sass “Who’re you talking to? Who the **** you talking to Britney? Save it. Come on, you’re using him as your puppet, baby, come on. Don’t worry you made the big move sweetheart. One maybe two are staying honey, so, just strap yourselves in.” That’s some classic Boogie right there.

Britney tries to defend the info she got, saying that “multiple people told me, people that I believe, people that wouldn’t just make it up. That not you Frank, I’ll just be honest, that [Boogie] said that next week you wanted a big move to be made and you insinuated that it was me or Shane. I shared that information with Shane, did I say ‘Shane put Boogie and Frank up? I did not.” The fact that Boogie was given such a clear description of what he said and he can’t remember the discussion he had with Ian or is just not smart enough to believe that Ian told Brit has me losing a little faith in him.

Boogie and Britney go back and forth until Frank finally asks the big question “Who told you Boogie said that?” All Britney says is that it was a “very super incredibly believable source” which makes Frank and Boogie both jump to the conclusion that it is Dan. Now their plan is to try and get Dan to lose his cool.

The whole thing cools down and Shane finds Britney in the arcade room and asks her what happened and Brit lays in on thick, “I’ll try and make it short and sweet Shane, I left my husband and quit my job to come here and you threw me under the bus so bad I just got a verbal beat down.” Shane tries ti smooth things over saying he didn’t want the alliance found out so he only implicated Britney and himself. (He didn’t, ever, use the word implicate.) The rest of the conversation between Britney and Shane is so painful to watch, she blows up every excuse he tries to use and he just gets more and more flustered. Brit really makes him look dumb.

Frank and Boogie let Ian in on what’s happening and Ian tries his best to act surprised. Ian is not a very good actor and the fact that Frank and Boogie are underestimating him so much bothers me.

Dan and Boogie start having a conversation that ends up in the HoH room with Frank, Britney and Shane. Frank and Boogie continue to try and get the others to tell them who told them Boogie said he wanted Shane and Britney out. Brit and Dan refuse to say and Dan just sits in silence when asked some questions. At the end of the meeting Frank and Boogie come away believing that Dan is the rat and Dan is furious and tells Brit that if Ian doesn’t have their backs he will  throw the “kid” to the wolves.

The Veto players are picked and it couldn’t look any better for Mike and Frank with the only other competition being Shane. (Ian, Jenn and Ashley are the other three players chosen.) Shane picks Danielle to host the competition.

The Veto competition is a guess the number competition. The contestants will be shown a certain number of candies, given the quantity of the small grouping and then they would show you a much larger amount of that same candy and the contestants guess how much are there. The player with the answer closest to the number of candies wins a “lollipop” point and the person with the answer furthest away is eliminated for the competition. After every one has guess then they are given the option to stay or fold. If they stay there answer is in play and if they fold they move on to the next question. The last person standing or the first person with three “lollipop” points wins the Golden Power of Veto.

Here are some quick Veto competition notes:

·         Ian plans on throwing the game.
·         “My strategy for estimating candy was a picture method. The picture method is to picture everything in pictures and see how many pictures can fit within the picture.” – Ashley
·         Mike Boogie eliminated first
·         “In my mind, I’m thinking, how many little bushels of lollipops can fit into the first tier of the tree, you have to double it, ‘cause it’s a 3D object. So then you would do 12 times 12 and then you add them all together.” - Ashley
·         Jenn eliminated second.
·         Frank has two lollipop points everyone else has zero.
·         Ian keeps his fake acting going when he is eliminated from the competition.
·         Shane eliminated forth.
·         Ashley folds and Frank earns his third “lollipop” point and wins the Power of Veto.

(Side Note: There were rumours circulating on the internet that Frank cheated during the game. Joe told other houseguests that the production team told him that it didn’t matter if Frank cheated because he would have won anyways.)

Boogie tries to rally the troops. He talks to Joe, Jenn and Ian so that he can try and influence them into going after Dan. It partially works; Jenn really agrees with them and wants Dan out. (Who’s Jenn?) But Ian and Joe are both more or less aligned with Shane.

The most ridiculous moment of this episode and probably of the whole entire season is when Mike Boogie was talking to Britney in the HoH room by himself and tried to fake cry in order to get her to leave Dan and join him. She wasn’t having any of it and called him out in a diary room interview.

The mystery women everyone calls Jenn makes what is probably her worst move ever and comes out of hiding. She talks with Shane in the arcade and tries to push Boogies agenda and make him believe that Dan is the biggest threat. I have to believe that if she wouldn’t have gone and talked to Shane then Shane would have kept going on with his Big Brother life without even knowing who she was. By telling Shane that one of his allies is a huge target makes you a target by default. You Should have stayed under your rock Jenn.

Before the Veto ceremony Boogie makes one last attempt to get Shane to make a play at Dan. Boogie makes probably the best case for evicting Dan that anyone has all season (you would think that would have been everyone’s viewpoint on Dan since day one). Boogie tells Shane that Dan used his alliance so that he didn’t have to get his hands dirty and rode that all the way to the end where he didn’t have any bad blood with the jury. (Dan would be gone if anyone put this together earlier.)

At the Veto ceremony things go as planned for the Quack Pack. Frank takes himself off the block and Shane replaces him with Jenn.

Jenn is obviously upset and lets loose in a diary room interview, “They don’t know who they’re messing with, because part of my game has been laying low but anyone that knows me, once I get fired up, it’s a wrap.” (I don’t think Jenn knows they are targeting Boogie.)

The last quote of the episode comes from the resident Big Brother expert and self proclaimed “evil” player (can you be evil and a coward?) “I’m just glad that Boogie won’t be anywhere near me when he finds out that I had a hand in his going home. But hey, I learned from the best. Like farther, like son.” (He is kind of a weirdo sometimes.)

With tonight’s live eviction episode being a double eviction special (with a week’s worth of Big Brother in one episode) we are in for a treat. It looks like Boogie will go home but what happens after that will be the real fun. Will Frank win HoH? Will Frank go home? Will a floater go home? Or more surprisingly will a member of the Quack Pack, the houses biggest and strongest alliance fall in some sort of twist of fate? I can’t wait to find out!

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