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Big Brother Canada Recap: Episode 13

Big Brother Canada Recap

Another Uneventful Veto

After an episode that had Alec win the Head of Household and nominate the easiest picks, Suzette and AJ, I knew there would be a lull in the action. What I didn't know was that the episode would be so boring that the best part would be Talla getting drunk and trying to molest Topaz. Who am I kidding? Talla trying to molest Topaz would have always been the best part of the episode.

Power of Veto
(Winning the Power of Veto means you can change one of the nominations.)

Competition: Cabin Fever

Players: Alec, Suzette, AJ, Gary, Jillian and Emmet

Each player had a helmet with a tin can attached to it and the goal was to transfer enough water from a leaky roof to a giant thermometer only using the tin can.

Winner: Emmet

Ceremony: Emmet decided not to use the Veto to prove to Alec that he was still with the boys.

(The two players currently nominated for eviction.)

Suzette - She is the main target and if Big Brother has anything to say about it, they will probably try and keep her in the house because she is the only one going against the main people in the house.

AJ - Anuj the Pawn Star!

Marcia The Moose

Marcia the Moose is back! This time she had a super secret mission for AJ. AJ had to create a work out plan and convince two people to do it with him for ten minutes. (The thing about these missions is that they aren't stuff people would question if they were locked up with someone with nothing to do for a couple months. I would do anything if I was as bored as them.) AJ got Topaz, Talla and Andrew to participate and easily succeeded in his mission. The prize for succeeding was a Summer BBQ Pool party.

Showmance/Alliance Update
(Here's an update on all the alliances in the house.)

- Emmet and Jillian are becoming an actual couple and think everyone is too scared to put them up.

- The Shield (or The S.H.E.I.L.D.) has control of the house and Big Brother is trying to turn them into the Canadian Chilltown.

- Secret Wedding (Gary and Topaz) is either super secretive or has been forgotten about.

Mini Power Rankings
(A quick rankings of the top players in the house.)

3. Peter - With Alec in the HoH Peter is safe and has some control over the house.

2. Emmet - The winner of the Power of Veto, is part of the boys alliance and has some pull with the man in charge. By not using the Veto he helps the boys and proves to them that he has their back.

1. Alec - Winner of the HoH, a message from his mom and $10,000. He is arguably the smartest player in the house and arguably the most fit in the game, I don't think there is any one person who can get him out.

Random Thoughts
(Here are some of my random thoughts.)

- Suzette is oblivious. She thinks she is nominated because people are scared of her then she picks Jillian to play for her in the Veto comp because she thought there womenness would bring them together.

- Why is it that no one ever things they are nominated because people think they are a floater and don't deserve to win? It's always these people are scared of me.

- Topaz had her bikini waxed by Topaz while Gary watched and danced.

- I love that AJ trying looks incredibly like AJ not trying.

Running Cast Grade: C
(Last Episode: B)
(Grading the cast on an episode to episode basis.)

The only thing that kept this grade from dropping even lower was drunken Talla. Why hasn't Big Brother realized the best way to get some action is to give the house guests alcohol. They have been giving them more it seems but it is still not enough. Just think about it Gary drunkenly berating someone (Emmet, Jillian?), Talla getting naked and trying to jump someones bones (AJ, Topaz), or Emmet getting so drunk his true feelings for Gary come out. What I'm trying to say is that more alcohol will make more controversy.

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